I like the sand spreading out to the sea, I like the
 tropical moon and the lazy palm trees, I like to
 Bb                          C7                  F  C7
 listen to my heart, there's no place I'd rather be
 I like the people, I like the way they smile, I like the
 feeling of you on this paradise isle, I like the
 Bb                 C7                        F   C7
 cool island gecko, man this is where I wanna be

:CHORUS     F     
 So take me back, take me back, back to da kine, so take me
 back, take me back, back to da kine, all
 Bb                   C7            F    (C7):   (F7) Tag ending n fade
 over more better Moloka'i I will return

 I like the gecko singing in the night I like to
 do the dance they do to the Moloka'i slide, when the
 Bb                C7                     F    C7
 sun comes shining always more better da'kine
 I like the hula I think it's really good, no man I
 don't understand the words but in time I think I could, if I
 Bb                 C7                   F     C7
 just had the time, oh if I just had the time

        Dm                                Am
 I say, won't you come along we'll have a luau by the sea, we'll
 Dm                            Am
 cook a little pig and all the coconuts are free and what you
 Bb                            Am
 see is what you get is just a little grass shack I
 Bb                              C7
 know you're gonna like it and I hope you come back

 I like the fishes swimming around in the sea I like to
 hop em' on the grill and cook em' up for me with a
 Bb               C7                         F       C7
 big pan of butter man it don't get better than this
 I like the chicken you hop em' on the grill and it
 hurts to eat some raw fish and eat up all the spills oh
 Bb                 C7                      F    C7
 well, oh ya, it's just a luau down by the sea             CHORUS



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