Tribal  Seeds - Moonlight
Album - Representing
- Kupihea -
Chords : Am // , G//, F //, C// or C/, G/ - Up to Player
Progression Chords (Single Strum) : Am, Dm, G, C, F, (rest or F),C, G
we're jamming in the moonlight
hear the soundwaves by the seaside 
we dont need to play for anyone
no we dont need to play for anyone
i like to get a peace of mind
in my own time
so roll one up
light it up
in the meantime
the rat race is going strong
and the peoples mind are too far gone
Chorus x 2
can u ease
can u ease my mind
heeling of herb lift me up high 
away from the city 
away from the sight of light pollution
just clear skies tonight
blaze up the herb and
light up the world tonight we play for no one
but the plants and creatures
i see jah glory from
the rising of the morning sun
chorus x 3
Verse 1
Chorus x3


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