Intro:    G     Gm     D     G     Gm     A7


D                   Em         A7             G       D
Fly, on through the nightwind, take a star to her for me
D                Em        A7                D     A7
Please whisper I love her, tell her wait for me

D                Em        A7             G           D
Here it seems so cold now, how I miss her arms around me
D                  Em    A7                D - D7
Soar, nightbird of love, make her wait for me


                 G                 Bm          G      A7    D    D7
`Cause you have wings you know, I let you go, almost every night
     G             Bm                E7                  A7
But loneliness can dull the shine of even the bright moonlight
     G        Gm        D   D7        G     Gm          D    A7
Nightbird, fly on,  fly on.      Nightbird, sing her my song

Verse 2:

D             Em     A7                G         D
Oh before you leave, take this band of gold with you
D              Em       A7               D - D7
And if you can find her tell her I am true


           G        Gm      D  D7     G    Gm       D
End:  Nightbird fly on, fly on.  Nightbird fly on fly on


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