No Sleep

Intro  (4x): Emaj7, A
Yeah … woo … (ooh) … yeah

Verse 1:
Emaj7                        A
  Oh, woulda been about last week 
When you said you were leaving me
It didn’t even last a day 
But oh it felt so long
I thought you were gonna come 
But then you changed your mind
You got me thinking, “What do you want from me?” 
With me after all this time

Emaj7                C#m7
(Ooh) Every time you say you wanna talk
A                           B 
(Ahh) You got me banging my head against the wall 

Chorus (2x):
Emaj7          A
I can’t get no sleep
Whenever you’re around me baby, I
Get so weak it would drive you crazy

Intro (2x): (Emaj7, A)

Verse 2: (Emaj7, A)
You got me goin’ insane
Got me goin’ right outta my mind
Everytime that you say it’s over
And you go and press rewind
But I’m not that kinda guy 
Who sits around and waits for your time
I guess it’s time for me to go
‘Cause I’m not really needed here no more

Repeat Pre-Chorus: (Emaj7, C#m7, A, B)
Repeat Chorus (2x): (Emaj7, A, Am)
Intro (2x): (Emaj7, A)

Verse 3: (Emaj7, A)
Me don’t know what me done-done, baby 
You’re makin’ me wanna run-run, baby 
You see, I don’t really understand
Why you keep runnin’ from your man
I’ve been that man that you always walk on
But I don’t wanna be that man anymore, oh

Repeat Chorus (2x): (Emaj7, A, Am)
Intro (4x): (Emaj7, A)
Yeah … can’t get no sleep without you, yeah

I can’t get no sleep … without you, hey
Can’t get no sleep …
Can’t get no sleep … 


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