No Way No

Intro  (2x): Gm, Cm, F, Dm

Verse 1:
    Gm          Cm
Hey baby, baby
                 F                 Dm
Your heart's too big to be treated small
                Gm                 Cm
So please don't blame me, blame me
                 F                     Dm
For tryna be the one who could have it all
                      Gm             Cm
And you know it ain’t stupid, stupid
                 F                     Dm
Telling you it's dark when you see the light
                     Gm               Cm
And I know you ain't foolish, foolish
                 F                         Dm
Just give me one chance, I could treat you right, so I said that

Gm       Cm               F                  Dm
  Will I ever be too far away when you feel alone?  (No way,
Gm         Cm                F                    Dm
no) Will I ever back down my sword to protect our home?  (No way
Gm         Cm                   F                        Dm
no) Will I ever spend a day not telling you you're beautiful? (No way
Gm      Cm           F      Dm           Gm
no)  No way, no way, no (No way, no way, no)

Verse 2: (Gm, Cm, F, Dm)
My sister, sister
Told me that if love ever hits your eyes
I promise you'll miss her, miss her
The second that she walks right out your sight
So we should just do it (do it, do it)
‘Cause I don't wanna risk her being right
Let's not be be foolish
Don't you know that family never lies? I promise that

Repeat Chorus: (Gm, Cm, F, Dm)

Verse 3: (Gm, Cm, F, Dm)
Hey lady, lady
Life's too short to be waiting long
So let's not waste it, waste it
When we both know you're the one

Repeat Chorus:

Gm (0231)
Cm (5333)
F (2010)
Dm (7555) or (2210)


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