Old Fashion Touch

Intro:  A  C#m  Bm  E7  A  C#m  D// D#/  E7/ 

Verse 1:
A C#m Bm(2)
Last night I had the strangest, strangest, dream. I dreamt my pretty baby was calling me,
E7(2) A E7////
and she said oooh baby, please hurry.

But I don't rush, I move it real slow cause I want you to enjoy the romantic show,

and she said oooh baby, please hurry.

Bridge 1:
E C#m F#m Bm E7
Though she may be miles away, my love will always stay
C#m F#m Bm
when this dream shall end, I know it will be day nothing can keep my love away
E7 E7//
from holding you so tight, through the darkest night.

Refrain: 2x's
A C#m
I miss you girl, I miss you much
Bm E7
I miss your old fashioned touch.

Smooth Instrumental:

Bridge 1:

Bridge 2:
Bm// B/ C G Am
I miss your old fashioned touch, oh girl I miss it so much.
You fill my body with the sweet scent emotion,
Am F/ / / Fm/
you make me moving in a slow kind of motion.
C G Am F/ / / E7/
So love me love me baby, kiss me and hug me, don't let me go



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