Verse 1:
Take away my breath and make it really hard to breathe,
Got me shaking in my knees, I can hardly speak,
You’re like my medicine with all of the side effects,
Got me seeing love everywhere so what is next,

Don’t stop it what you’re doing,
If you keep running then it’s you that I’m pursuing,
You’re the reason why I feel so alive,
So let me tell you what your love is like,

Chorus: [x2]
Your love is like a summer breeze,
You’re my tune to every melody,
Your love is like the air I breathe,
And I can’t live without you,

Verse 2:
I’m tryna vision you and me when we’re not together,
But all I see is me with you and it’s for the better,
You my spring when I feeling low,
Bring in the sun when the winter’s cold,


[Chorus x 2]

Got an appreciation for you,
This is the time when ima follow though,
I’m gonna make that connection,
Cause with you I see perfection,


[Chorus x2]

This one’s dedicated to the lovers round the world,
This one’s for you,
Lover’s music


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