Ku`u Home `O Kahalu`u

Composer: Jerry Santos D G D I remember days when we were younger G D We used to catch ‘o’opu in the mountain stream G D Round the Ko’olau hills wed ride on horseback G D D7 So long ago it seems it was a dream G D Last night I dreamt I was returning […]


Waikiki Andy Cummings F E7 There’s a feeling, deep in my heart F D7 Stabbing at me just like a dart Bb C7 F C7 It’s a feeling heaven—-ly F E7 I see memories out of the past F D7 Memories that always will last G7 C7 Of a place beside the sea F Cm […]

About You

About You Performed By Cecilio & Kapono D F#m7 Bm Em7 A D F#m7 Bm I know everything I have to know, Em7 A About You D F#m7 Bm And I’m not sure I really want to go, Em7 A without you Gmaj7 F#m7 Our small moments that we shared, Bm7 E7 is only yours […]

Far Too Wide For Me

Composed By: Patrick Downes Em7-5 (0201) Fm6 (1213) Ab (5343) C Em Em7-5 A7 I sit somewhere along the bay and stare at islands far away Dm Fm6 D7 Dm7 G7 Their gray and misty outlines appear way out to sea C Em Em7-5 A7 But clouds are never what they seem and far off […]

Lonely Days

Intro (2x): Dm, Bb, F, C (Fiji) Dm Bb F I know that we mutually agreed C For better for worse unconditionally Dm Bb F Time and space did not allow us to succeed C The way that we thought our love life would be Dm Bb Every time I see that smile on your […]

Sunset Tonight

*For ‘ukulele, use E, F#m, and G#m (instead of Emaj7, F#m7, and G#m7) Intro: Emaj7, F#m7, Emaj7, F#m7 G#m7, F#m7, G#m7, F#m7 Emaj7 Girl I know you’re playing hard to get F#m7 Acting like I, I don’t see you Emaj7 I watch you chum the water waiting for a bite F#m7 But I only bite […]