Take It Slow

Intro Pad: A7 Intro Chords: Dm, Bbmaj7, Gm, A7 We don’t gotta be in no rush, no, oh Alright baby, it is just me and you Chorus: Dm Bbmaj7 Gm A7 We don’t wanna be in a rush, baby just take it slow Dm Bbmaj7 Gm A7 You and I know the connection is right, […]

No Sleep

Intro (4x): Emaj7, A Yeah … woo … (ooh) … yeah Verse 1: Emaj7 A Oh, woulda been about last week Emaj7 When you said you were leaving me A It didn’t even last a day Emaj7 But oh it felt so long A I thought you were gonna come Emaj7 But then you changed […]

Bad Girl

Chords: D, C Some people think I’m crazy ‘cause … the girl I love Keep drivin’ me all crazy, but … they don’t know us She just want a man who understands … her needs and wants And what I need and want might differ sometimes And lead to an argument, yo Pre-Chorus: Sometimes she […]

Loving Feeling

Intro: Em //// D //// Chords: Em, Am, G, D Said, oh I love this feelin’ … said oh I love this Said a na na na na no, but a na na na na no Said, oh we love this feelin’, oh you love this Said a na na na na no Verse 1: […]

I Wanna Be Yours

Intro: E //// C#m //// A //// F#m // B // Verse 1: E How will I know if he’s into me? C#m He’s got me worked up that I could barely speak A F#m B When he’s around … I don’t know how I’m gonna get him to notice E Me, I’ve got to […]

New Day

(Simple Version – for advanced alternate chords, scroll to the bottom) Intro (2x): A, C#m7, Bm7 Verse 1: A C#m7 I was a girl … a girl without a name Bm7 Bought a one-way ticket on a going nowhere train (choo choo) A C#m7 I was falling fast and there was nothing to grab Bm7 […]

I Am A King

Intro: F C Gm Bb I am a king for always, we are the kings for all days F C Gm Bb For the King of all kingdoms come … King of all kingdoms … Come Chords(2x): Dm, C, Bb, F Verse 1: Dm C Bb F All I am and all that I’ve become, […]

I Know How

Chords: G, D, Em, C then D, Em, C, D Verse 1 G D I need you here cuz I miss you so Em C and I’m not one for letting go D Em the feeling inside me just grows like C D Oh. . . .Oh I think about you every night and day […]


Intro: (Cmaj7, Dm7) Cmaj7 Dm7 A|-2-2-2————————————————0-| E|——-3-3-3-0———0—————————-1—| C|————————-2———————-0-2—–| G|——————————————————–| Cmaj7 Dm7 A|-2-2-2—————3s5-3——————————| E|——-3-3-3-0——————————————| C|——————————————————–| G|——————————————————–| Verse 1: Cmaj7 Dm7 I love this place I call my home it’s my endless paradise Cmaj7 Dm7 There is no other quite this because Hawaii is so nice Cmaj7 Dm7 I live my life inna de island style no […]

Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea – The Steppas Chords : G//, D//, Em//, Bm//, C////, D//// [Verse 1] Here I am, see with my heart in my hand Love is the plan And you are the key, my darling come rescue me I’m lost at sea Sit all alone, there is no light to lead me to […]

I Remember

Chords: G, C7 Yeeeaaaaaahhhh… Verse 1: I remember sitting alone on a sandy beach Little bit of the rising tide, come upon my feet Trying to find comfort in all my thoughts of you But I can’t seem to understand what I’m supposed to do Chorus: You said to me I’ll never be the man […]


Chords A, E, F#m, D Verse1 I got so much I want to say. Still I don’t know where to start. Every time I see you, every time I see your face you know you go and steal my heart I could love you in so many ways I wish that I could make you […]

16 Years

Intro (same chords for the whole song): Bb //// Bbmaj7 //// Bb7 //// Eb //// Ebm //// Bb //// C7 //// F //// Chorus: Bb Bbmaj7 16 years of lovin’, crumple it all up and Bb7 Eb Throw it in the bin and act like you’z a winner Ebm Bb No, I’ve just been fooled […]


Intro Chords: Dm7 //// //// Cmaj7 //// // Verse 1: A7* A7** Dm7 What can I do to please this cravin’? You got me fightin’ in the battle to rehabilitatin’ Cmaj7 The way I feel I, I can’t deny Because you put me in another state of mind Pre-Chorus: (Dm7, Cmaj7) You’re the habit I […]

Need to Know

Intro (Ukulele tab with Chords): G#m D#m C#m D#m A|-2p1————-|-2p1————-|-2p1————-|—–| E|—–2———–|—–2-2s4——-|—–2———–|—–| C|——-3———|—————–|——-1s3-1s3—|—–| G|—————–|—————–|—————–|—–| G#m D#m C#m D#m A|-2p1————-|-2p1————-|-2p1————-|—–| E|—–2———–|—–2-2s4——-|—–2———–|—–| C|——-3———|—————–|——-4s6——-|—–| G|—————–|—————–|—————–|—–| (Intro picking is also played during Chorus) Verse 1: G#m D#m C#m D#m G#m Got an outside perspective … expected to walk away D#m C#m D#m (Way), they say (they say) G#m D#m C#m […]

My Kinda Girl

My Kinda Girl – Christopher Martin Gm ////, Bb //// Only for you baby Flowers in the morining for you Kiss on your cheek baby Come and let me make some breakfast for you F You deserve it my queen Bb//, Eb//, Bb//, F// Because you’re right you are my type You are my Kinda […]

One Voice

Verses : Gm //, Eb //, Bb //, F // – before every chord do a quick open up strum then hammer chord Chorus : Gm //, Eb //, Bb //, F // – i just do simple down strum on the chorus Verse 1: Well our government tells us a story, oh yes it’s […]

Be My Lady

Chords: Pretty much Bb, Cm, with occasional Ebm to F during the verses Intro (2x): Bb //// //// Cm //// //// Verse 1: Bb Cm See my girl … she treats my ok (she treats my ok) Bb And my girl (my girl, yeah, my girl, yeah) Cm She makes a winter’s day (feel like […]

Find A Way

F#m … D … E Intro: F#m All the talk ‘round town sounding horrible D Rumors, gossiping unbearable E Too much hard work to be fading out right now Can’t give in, can’t let the people down F#m Sacrifices made by the will of man D Passion is embedded in a few of them E […]


Intro: Fm, Bb Fm Bb Dbdim C7 I can’t believe it … I can’t believe it Cm Fm Bb (Eb) Said I can’t believe it … In this lifetime Verse 1: Fm Ebmaj7 I’ve been searchin’ all my life for a love I can’t deny Fm Ebmaj7 A love so pure and free, a love […]

Get Right

Intro: Gm // Cm // F // Bb // Gm //// Cm // D // Gm // Cm // F // Bb // Gm // Cm // F // D // Verse 1: Eb F Gm Wanna see your eyes, really captured me (Now could we ever be?) Eb F Gm More than friends, tryna […]

Sweet Okole

Sweet Okole – Hoaikane G – Am Hoaikane Music (music – Music) we cruzin at twilight in waikiki the sun is bout to set way up on the sea the luau they are jammin right upon the beach you hear the drum sounds of the polynesian beat step into the luau i cant believe all […]


Chords – Em, Bm, Em, Bm, Em, Bm, A, Bm We are all Bredren and Sistren in one big famnily We all are brethen and sistren each one a part of a tree a tree that Jah has planted to live pon dis earth a tree with roots so strong and deep it nevaaaaa it […]

Roller Skates

Chords – Am, Am, Dm, Em or E both works Last Verse Transition – Bm, Bm, Em, F# or F#m Out on the corner With my roller skates Having fun with the girls Says I’m feeling great woo In the dark of the night Street lamps glowing On full blast is my radio Radio Up […]

See Her Again

Chords: D, A, Bm, G Verse 1: D A Bm G It’s 2 months, its 12 days, 5 hours since I didn’t talk to you D A Bm G Girl I (oh) really gotta sing (oh oh), it’s been driving me crazy for a while Chorus: D A Bm G ‘Cause each time she comes […]