Pocket Change

Chords:  A  F#m  D  E7

Now listen girls, Koa Uka now commin at you our difference style
Yes me come for drive your whine
And a little bit of pocket change, something all you lovely girls can use
Now feel dis

A        F#m          D                E7
It's been a long long while ever since I've seen that
Cute little smile upon your face (smile upon your face)
And you got me thinking lady when you used to be my baby
Takin a stroll down lovers lane
I would've given you 

	Chorus: D                E7
		A penny for your thoughts
                D                 E7
		A nickle for your kiss
                D             /                        A    F#m   D
		A dime if you told me that you love me baby
                E7		             A    F#m   D  E7
		Only if you tell me you love me---e

You will never know, a how much you hurt me so
Cuz when you left me you caused me nothing but pain
And now that your no longer in my life things dont seem to be right
I think about you every night and everyday


    And just when you thought you lost me girl, feel this
    Me could've given you all the diamonds would've given you all the pearls
    The most precious things that was meant for the girls
    And these flowers and letters (No man alive could treat you musch better)
    And from the day that you a left you put my mind in all the mix
    Girl you broke my heart in pieces that I just can't fix
    But now me stand alone here left on the spot
    With nothing left to offer but that this is all I've got
    (I'm giving you a) 


Only if you told me you love me (7x)...


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