Pua Olena

Island Rhythms

Submitted by: Kanaka916
Pua  'Olena
Jimmy Kaholokula
Island Rhythms

G               Bm
Pua 'olena, pua moe wale,
     G7           C
i ka nahele e moe nei
Ka ua noe makali'i
      G          E7        Am
E ala mai ho'ike mai i kou nani
      D7           G     D7
Pua 'olena, pua 'olena

       G                  Bm
Pua 'olena, dream filled beauty
       G7              C
Of my garden deep in slumber
Kissed by misty summer rain
          G              E7           Am
Come with me, come let's see of your beauty
      D7          G      G7
Pua 'olena, pua 'olena

      C           Em
Lau 'olena, lau palulu
       C7          F
E pe'e nei i kau mohala
'O kamakani hawanawana
       C         A7         Dm
Ho'ike nei pua 'olena i kou nani
      G7          C      G7
Pua 'olena, pua 'olena

       C      Em
Ha'ina mai kapuana
         C7           F
Pua moe wale pua moe 'ole
i ka nahele o hanalei
          C              A7           Dm
come with me, come let's see of your beauty
      G7          C
Pua 'olena, pua 'olena
A7       Dm           G7          C
Of your beauty, pua 'olena, pua 'olena

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