Verse  1:
C         Am             Dm7           G7                  C
I see a rainbow, its in your eyes, so beautiful its paradise.

C            Am               Dm7             G7             C      F-G
I hear your voice calling out to me, its whispering so heavenly.

C      Am     Dm7                   G7                       C   F-G
Pua    nani, come into my heart.  Hold me in your arms so gently.

C      Am     Dm7                     G7                     F-Fm   C   F-G7
Pua    nani, you're the one I love, sent from up above, so sweet.

Verse 2:

Your skin so soft has a magic touch.  Tenderness I love so much.

Touching your face with my fingertips.  Caress your hair, I kiss your lips.


F                G7       C   C7
Walking along a moonlit beach.
F          G7               C   C7
From your side I'll never leave.
F              G7                 Em         Am
Dancing 'bout all the things you are, my love.
Dm          Em                G-G#7
Together under a million stars.


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