Queen’s Jubilee


Submitted by: Kanaka916
Queens  Jubilee
Composed By: Queen Lili'uokalani

[F]Mahalo [Bb]pi[F]ha, Mô`î `o `En[Bb]ela[F]ni
Ku`i kou kau[C7]lana nâ `âina [F]pau
Na kai [Bb]âka[F]u nâ one [Bb]he[F]ma
`Ikea kou [C7]`ihi mana [F]nui
Eia [C7]mâkou i kou kapa [F]kai
I kou lâ [C7]nui Iubi[F]lî
I hi`i mai i [F7]kou mâkou [Bb]aloha
Maluna [F]ou ka [C7]malu o ka [F]Lani
[F]Hau`oli[Bb]`oli[F] `Emepela o [Bb]`Ini[F]a
I kêia [C7]makahiki [F]Iubili
`Âkoa[Fb]koa[F] nâ ali`i `ai[Bb]mo[F]ku
A puni ke [C7]ao holo`o[F]ko`a
E hi`i[C7]lani e mili[F]lani
Ua hui pû[C7]`ia me Ha[F]wai`i
E uhi mai ka [F7]lani i kona [Bb]nani
E ola [F]ka mô`î[C7] ke A[F]kua 
E ola [F]ka mô`î[C7] ke A[F]kua 

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