Radio Hula


Submitted by: Kanaka916
Radio  Hula
Elizabeth Kahau Alohikea
Various Artists

C          C7   F    C
He aha nei hana a ka radio
         G7                C
A ka nui manu a`e li`a mau nei
C        C7     F        C
Ua hana `ia `oe me ka no`eau
           G7              C
Na ka `ili puakea piha `akamai
C        C7     F       C
Meha ala no e i mai ana ia`u
         G7              C
Be still malie `oe e ke aloha

C      C7      F     C 
Nana i ho`ohui na `ailana
          G7              C
Ike `ia `o Hawai`i no ka `oi

C          C7  F        C 
Ha`ina `ia mai ana ka puana
         G7              C
Be still malie `oe i ke aloha 

Note: This mele is a favorite of ki ho`alu players

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