Rock Me Sober

                         C                        Dm
This goes out to all my people who be workin’ so hard
                        C                      Dm
There’s nothin’ in this world that is ever too far
           C                          Dm
Take me anywhere, it don’t matter, go hard
                C                       Dm
So take me to a place you can rock me sober
        C    Dm        C     Dm
Rock me sober, rock me sober
        C    Dm        C     Dm
Rock me sober, rock me sober

Verse 1:
                      Am                                G
If there ever comes a time when you feelin’ like you’re sore
                  C                             Dm
Remember that the wicked come around and try to forge ya’
                Am                        G
See it in their eyes every time it’s like torture
          F                                   E7
True confidence can give you strength to push forward
                Am                         G
Make it crystal clear that a man is on his way
           C                                 Dm
Never feel sorry when you’re saying what you say
        Am                        G
Negativity can put your mind in a coma
              F                         E7
Make you burn up, but you got your cool water

Repeat Chorus: (C, Dm)

Verse 2:
Am                 G
   Get up, get up, try to make your way
C                         Dm
Here it comes a brand new day, oh woah, woah, woah
Am                   G
   Fill up, fill up, every single day
F                        E7 
Fill up on your love and faith, oh yo, yo, yo
Am                   G
   So many don’t see, so many worry
C                  Dm
  So many push down, because of fury
Am                         G
  This is the time when we need one another
F                      E7
  So lend a hand and uplift each other

Repeat Chorus: (C, Dm)

E7                                    Am
  Always stay true to yourself and be loyal, 
Even when it’s hard to
E7                                         Am
  Put the pressure on the man and he might fold, too
This is if he want’s to
Dm                              Am
  I never let a man put down my vibe, it’s my desire 
  So let the music heal the world
  Am                               G
A language that’s so universal

Repeat Chorus (2x): (C, Dm)
Rock me sober, rock me sober (repeat to fade)


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