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Queen Lili`uokalani

   G    G7     C 
`Auhea `oe e Sanoe
    D7             G   D7
Ho`opulu liko ka lehua
G   G7   C
Eia ho`i au
   G    D7       G
Ke kali nei i ko leo

 G         G7       C  
`O ka pane wale mai no
     D7            G   
`Olu wau mehe wai `ala
    G7             C 
Honehone me he ipo ala
   D7           G
Paila i ka nui kino

  G    G7   C  
E kala neia kino
    D7        G    D7
I piliwi ai i laila
  G   G7     C 
Pehea e hiki ai
     G   D7     G
E ko ai `o ka mana`o

   G   G7            C  
Ke hea mai nei water lily
   D7            G   D7
Ke ao mai `oe ia kaua
    G   G7    C 
Eia a`e no `o pelo
      G   D7   G
Manu `aha`i `olelo

         G   G7        C  
Lohe aku nei na kuhina nui
      D7        G   D7
A he `ahahui ko Loma
    G   G7      C 
Ke `oni a`e la iluna
  G    D7     G
E like me Likelike 
  G    D7     G
E like me Likelike 

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