Shade on Me

Three Plus

Submitted by: Ryan Rodriguez
G  Em C D7 D

Intro Picking

Verse 1
G      Em         C      D7
I woke up with a fever
              G    Em   C           D7
Temperature’s risin its hypnotizing
     G             Em
As I looked out my window
     C    D7         G           Em     C            D7
I saw the sun beatin down on me, beatin down on me
C        D    C                   D7    D7/  D7/
Dear Mr. Rain help me ease this pain

G       Em      C  D7         G          Em       C            D7
Can you see the sun cast no shade on me, cast no shade on me
G              Em           C      D7
Blue skies, sunshine in the mornin time
         G              Em        C           D7
With the tropical breeze cast no shade on me


Verse 2
At night I can see the moon 
Lookin down on me, lookin down on me
And the stars are playing me a tune 
To the rhythm of the sea, rhythm of the sea
Then Mr. Rain helped me ease this pain




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