Show Me

Chords:  Bb-Eb-F-Eb-Bb

hey pretty lady
i got your text on my phone
its kinda sexy girl, an invitation to get it on
so where do you wanna meet, tell me what should i wear
i know you want this heat, cuz what i bring is rare

i wanna touch you, feel you up and rub you girl
ohh we bump and grind to this sexy sound,
just to let you know, i aint playing you girl

(chorus) X 2
baby put your body where your mouth is,
ooh you swear im gonna love it
you said your gonna turn me out, show me what your talking about

now that were here, tell me what we goin do
we got some time alone 
dont wanna waste it talkin with you
you say your gonna show me, wanna teach me too
well ima listenin girl, come on and show me something new


(chorus) X 2


(chorus) X 3


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