Stand In the light

Henry Kapono

Submitted by: Dino
CHORUS           D
                Stand, stand in the light
                Stand, stand in the light my friend
                G                            D - C - Bm
                Stand, stand in the light of love
                D       C Bm
                Stand in the light, of love........

D                  Bm
I was walking underneath the clouds
Em A
Stormy weather in my life
D Bm
You know my spirit and my soul was dark
Em A
I was carrying a broken heart
D Bm
But then a friend came back and rescued me
Em A
Helped to get me back on my feet, and now I....(chorus)

D                                   Bm
Now all the gold in the world could never buy
Em                          A
The friend I now have in my life
D                   Bm
She's a lady with a love so true
Em                   A
Made me realize what I can do
D                       Bm
Thanks to her I owe the life she kept
Em                      A
Thanks to her for being my best friend, cause now I....(chorus)

D                             Bm
Oh I'm not preachin' I'm just speakin' true
Em                           A
There's much more in life to know, Oh-ho
D                         Bm
Take the brighter side to everything
Em                  A
Everything you put, yourself through
D                        Bm
Whats the use of wasting all your precious time
Em                 A
Don't let darkness run your life, you've got to....(chorus)

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