Stand In the light

CHORUS           D
                Stand, stand in the light
                Stand, stand in the light my friend
                G                            D - C - Bm
                Stand, stand in the light of love
                D       C Bm
                Stand in the light, of love........

D                  Bm
I was walking underneath the clouds
Em A
Stormy weather in my life
D Bm
You know my spirit and my soul was dark
Em A
I was carrying a broken heart
D Bm
But then a friend came back and rescued me
Em A
Helped to get me back on my feet, and now I....(chorus)

D                                   Bm
Now all the gold in the world could never buy
Em                          A
The friend I now have in my life
D                   Bm
She's a lady with a love so true
Em                   A
Made me realize what I can do
D                       Bm
Thanks to her I owe the life she kept
Em                      A
Thanks to her for being my best friend, cause now I....(chorus)

D                             Bm
Oh I'm not preachin' I'm just speakin' true
Em                           A
There's much more in life to know, Oh-ho
D                         Bm
Take the brighter side to everything
Em                  A
Everything you put, yourself through
D                        Bm
Whats the use of wasting all your precious time
Em                 A
Don't let darkness run your life, you've got to....(chorus)


Published by Dino

Senior member of ukulele underground almost since startup. Started playing ukulele almost as long after discovering this player named Aldrine playing I'm yours on YouTube. I play mostly island music. I also play music with my neighbor and 2 other friends. I have a temporary name for our group Miliwai'ewa - slow running water of life.

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