Sugar High

Intro  (x2): Dm// Bb// F// C//

Verse 1:
She's my Hersheys Kiss, that I'll always miss 
I'm wrapped in silver with a shimmer that's so glamorous
I'm finally taking the time to melt slowly
I find a rhythm that'll move her with this low beat
More mature with the 100 Grand in her pocket
Gives me so much sugar, I shoot up like a rocket
Her name was Kit-Kat Katy's what I called her
She said a Watchamacallit's longer than forever

Chorus (x2):
I said you got me on a sugar high till the day I die, I swear
She may be older but I told her how I'm feeling
She got me going house to house and trick-or-treatin'

Verse 2:
I'm Tootsie Rollin' in a world of pure insanity
Thinking she might be the one that's truly right for me
Age is but a number, it's all on personality
You take my heartbeat away
Your smile punch- punch- punched me with your love, 
And I just can't- can't seem to get enough 
Let me be the first one to say how pretty you are
Your brown eyes I can gaze at from afar

Repeat Chorus (x2):

Instrumental (x2): Dm// Bb// F// C//

Repeat Chorus (x2):

Fade (x4): Dm// Bb// F// C//


Published by Nathan Kanakanui

Born & raised hawaiian

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