Sweet Darling

Sweet  Darlin - Fiji

Verse 1:

we've been together awhile

and i don't meant to cramp your style

sometimes i wonder just how 
			G F G
things happened this way
and i'm just reminiscing of that
	  G		      C  F F  C
one whole night we would spend.

Verse 2;

you pick me up in tha morning
i'd just be through with the club
i never thought that a girl 
could love a man this much
i am overwhelmed that baby 
i just can't thank you enough
and i'm wondering


oh, sweet darling

what did i do to deserve you?

what did i say 
				G   F   G
to make your angel eyes turn my way?
   F		  G			       C
if only i had the world i'd give it all to you babe.

Verse 3:

now i'm about to leave for the road
i'll take you with me in my heart
and i really pray the lord my soul to keep
and baby just one request
keep dreaming of me.

Chorus x2


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