Sweet Okole

Sweet  Okole - Hoaikane
G - Am  

Hoaikane Music (music - Music)
we cruzin at twilight in waikiki
the sun is bout to set way up on the sea
the luau they are jammin right upon the beach
you hear the drum sounds of the polynesian beat
step into the luau i cant believe
all dem sweet sweet okole pon de scence
sweet okole women demma dance sexy
sweet okole woman shake it shake it baby come shake it for me
she had sweeeett okole
sweet okole woman say u got me so hot
jus u alone girl got me tempted to touch
sweeeet okole
sweet okole woman got me fallin in love 
cuz you and me baby make a little rub a dub
me pull into the dancehall its 12 o clock
hoaikane pon de stage haffi nice up de spot
pretty little sweet thing standing in line
with a skin tight apple bottem jeans and gorgeous behind
she move to the left she move to the right
she move at the waistline
yes yes sweet sweet okole lookin divine
sweet okole woman forming a line
jockey move jockey move girl jus work your behind
sweet okole woman got me 
fallin everybody
Oh I Oh My -----repeat
now baby look whos dancing a miracle of love
now jenny and her sister come fi mash up the dub
dem gon slowely but sorely dem bend down low
taking sweet okole demma catch a romeo
gal your good me sah men jus cant help
prime time booty when you nice up yoself
sweet okole woman sed me got to tell
yo sweet sweet okole girl you rock it well


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