Take It Slow

Intro  Pad: A7
Intro Chords:  Dm, Bbmaj7, Gm, A7

We don’t gotta be in no rush, no, oh
Alright baby, it is just me and you

Dm              Bbmaj7       Gm          A7
  We don’t wanna be in a rush, baby just take it slow
Dm          Bbmaj7                 Gm           A7
  You and I know the connection is right, girl, take control
Dm             Bbmaj7        Gm                  A7
  We don’t wanna be in a rush, just wait ‘til we fi-yah at home
Dm               Bbmaj7                    Gm                 A7
  It’d be your time to shine, cool off the night, sip on some wine, girl

Verse 1: (Dm, Bbmaj7, Gm, A7)
Yeah, she wants me so bad, but she know I 
Got to play hard to get tonight
Yeah, she got me feelin’ good with the shots we took
Flirtation’s on the rise
It’s not like me to give in so quick, but a lovin’ for her, yeah
I cannot resist
Reminding myself, “it’s not gon’ be easy”
Let’s take our time tonight

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 2: (Dm, Bbmaj7, Gm, A7)
I want your body just as bad as you want me
Bottles of champagne overflowin’ here’s a toast to you and me
Her body is yearnin’ for my satisfaction
Lookin’ in my eyes tellin’ me she attracted
Time to take action, not gonna stop ‘til she know she gon’ get it, get it
Get it, get it, girl

Repeat Chorus:

     F                             C
Ooh, baby … we should just take it slow
Don’t wanna rush anything ‘til we headed home
     C              Bb
Fire burning in her eyes, got me wanting to give it
F                               C
  We got a whole lotta night to go
I cannot resist the temptation
       C                        Bb     A7
Just a matter of time, ‘til you shine 

Yeah, yeah, I

Eli-Mac: (Dm, Bbmaj7, Gm, A7)
I see you lookin’ at me and your body is reelin’
Yeah, I know you’re longin’ for my touch
Now you’re lookin’ in my eye, you no need to act shy
Boy let me just give you all my love 
I know you want it and you know I want it, too
Now come over, yeah baby I got you, yeah
Yeah, I just wanna love you down, yeah
Yeah, I just wanna love you down, alright

Repeat Chorus (2x):

We don’t wanna take it, no no
And I just wanna take it slo-o-ow 
Oh, alright, no baby, no

Ukulele Chords:
Dm     (2210)          F  (2010)
Bbmaj7 (3210)          C  (5433)
Gm     (0231)          Bb (3211)
A7     (0100)


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