Take You Higher

C  – Dm, C – Dm, Dm – Em – F, G – G, Am
C, Dm, C, Dm, C, Dm, C, Dm

C                    Dm
  Let me start things off by saying
C                        Dm
  That the way you walk it drives me crazy
C                    Dm
  And excuse me if you catch me staring
C                  Dm
  But your so damn beautiful
C                            Dm
  And if you let me then I'd take you on a journey
C                  Dm
  Far away from this place
C                  Dm
  I'd do anything to make you happy
   C                   Dm
To see a smile on your beautiful face

F                                                     G
  Remember when we were young, passing notes, “Do you like me?”
F                                                       G
  Not knowing if it was love but hey we thought that it might be
F                                            G
  You make me feel so high like the sun on a nice day
F                                                    G
  I promise you, my love that I'll make you feel the same way

                      C                                     Am                      
See girl I'd take you higher than the clouds and never come down
                           G         F             C     G
I love you deeper than the ocean and girl we won't drown
                    C                              Am
I'd never leave you lonely, you know I'd never say goodbye
             G                F            C     G
‘Cause on my lovin’ girl, you know you can rely

C                             Dm
  I am in love with you don't worry ‘bout a thing
C                            Dm
  It is so plain to see your my queen, I’m your king
C               Dm          C     Dm
  I won't stop loving you, baby


C                       Dm
  It's unbelievable the way you make me feel
C                         Dm
  I can't deny the love I have for you is real
C               Dm          C     Dm
  I won't stop loving you, baby
C                            Dm
  I promise girl that I will always treat you right
C                          Dm
  No tossing, turning baby no more sleepless nights
C           Dm             C     Dm
  I'm so in love with you baby

Chorus (2x):


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