The Hurt

The  Hurt

Composed By: Mackey Feary Jr.
Performed By: Kalapana

Intro:    E7sus4

                   Ama7      C#m7                         Dma7
Oh, you say you're mine, and I'll believe you every single time 
Bm7               E                Ama7         C#m7                 Dma7 E7sus4
Even though they say you're not my kind, I just can't believe you'd be lying
                    Ama7     C#m7                              Dma7
All my friends are laughing, seen you out with other men I`m dying
Bm7               E              Ama7          C#m7                  Dma7 E7sus4
Can`t you see it in my eyes I`m crying, I just can`t believe you`re not mine

                Ama7              Dma7               Ama7            Dma7
	Would you hurt the man who loves you, would you hurt that man today
                Ama7              Dma7     E7sus4
	Would you take the love you gave me away     (2X's)

                Ama7  C#m7                               Dma7
Oh, what have I done, all the time I guessed it was just fun
Bm7               E             Ama7  C#m7          Dma7  E7sus4
I gave away the sweetest girl I knew, oh, just for you


                 Dma7   Dm                       Cma7
	Oh, I know I`ll never never never know the truth
                 F                               Bm7
	Oh, I love you too much girl to spoil your fun
	I can`t run, no, no, no I can`t run

                  Ama7      C#m7                           Dma7
I guess I had it coming, I fooled around before when I was tied
Bm7                   E               Ama7          C#m7             Dma7 E7sus4
And now my freedom stings me I could hide, but I`d still be a fool all my life



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