Time & Time

Intro:  F(2)  Am(2)  Bb(2)  C7(2)

Verse 1:
F                               Am
Time and time again I asked you why
Bb                           C7
did you run away and say goodbye.
              F                           Am
You said that all you needed was a little time,
Bb                                 C7
time alone so you could clear your mind.

Refrain:  Bb  C7  F
                      Bb      C7                  F
Well, I know now that you,       have been playin your games
  Bb        C7             F           F7
a game that I never played before,
     Bb   C7              F                        Dm
Cuz I,        would never hurt you the way that you do.
Bb            C7                    F          C7
Time and time again, I've asked you why.

Verse 2:

You know that you are always on my mind,

time and time again I wonder why.

I was thinking bout you just the other day.

wondering why you had to go away.


Dm/  Am/  Dm              Am
Dont know why, you had to go,
Bb                          C7
I really thought you should know.
             Dm                   Am
You're on my mind, but what can I do,
Bb                          C7
I just cant get over you.

Repeat Verse 1:



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