Chords:   F //// Bb // C //

Intro (spoken): 
You see, I met this little fine thing out there in the islands
She’s been on my mind since, but let me tell you how the story goes

Verse 1:
I took a flight, I was overseas, yeah
There must be something comin’ over me
I try to leave but always come right back
I’ve never fell head over heels for a girl like that

She said, “If you want it, hop up on that plane, boy,
You gon’ have to work for it to make me change my name, boy”
And I don’t mind, just as long as get to your
Chamorrita heart, girl … uh

Hey, I’m nothing special but she love me anyway
She take me for me money but me spend it all away
She got me caught up now when she comes around
She’s my island love when this plane touchdown, hey
So many miles but she call me everyday
She send me plenty pictures with that look upon her face 
Yeah she makes me proud so I say it loud 
She’s my island love when this plane touchdown, yeah

Verse 2:
Sweet like a coconut, now how could she be so right
She say, “Come get it” and I’m lookin’ up that next flight
You can call me crazy, only for my baby
She’s the only one that’s been on my mind lately 

Repeat Pre-Chorus:
Repeat Chorus:


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  1. Notes:
    – “Chamorro” are the native people of the island of Guam, so when he’s says “Chamorrita” he’s talking about a native Guamanian woman.
    – In some radio versions of this song the Pre-Chorus has been edited from “Chamorrita heart” to “pretty little heart”

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