Intro:  A  C#m  F#m(2)  Bm  Bbaug  Dm

Verse 1: 
  A                         C#m                       F#m
Girl don't be mad, girl don't be sad, you wish you could just fly away,
    Bm                          Bbaug           Dm
girl don't you cry, please dry your eyes, there's much more sunny days.
     A                      C#m                   F#m
I know you've heard all of his words, but your just another name,
                   Bm                        Bbaug         Dm              A  F#   Bm
But now he's gone, you're just a pawn in a played too often game, oh baby.

Bm                     E7                                             A
Many young girls fell victim to his pearls and that's a shame on you,
                                F#                                   Bm
many young girls fell victim to his pearls and that's a shame on you.
                                Dm              A
Many young girls, fell victim, a victim, a victim.
C#m      F#m                                   Bm Bbaug  Dm
Girl now watch your step, watch your step now.

Verse 2: 

So all your friends, please warn your friends, caue the robbers on the loose,

he's 24, he's 22, I know he's much more old than you.

If you've been played and you've been swayed, and he's got your only seed,
                                                                 A E F#m Bm
I'm always there, this jewel is rare, and your beautiful to me.

Bm                                   Dm
He may be rich, but here's the pitch,he takes a girl, he gives them pearls.
A                                        F#m                           F#
He preys the young with an evil tongue, only wants one thing and its not your ring.
Bm                                                   Dm
Only once you can give this to man, you better choose him right, before he's out of sight,
A                                          F#
don't be fooled by him, baby, cause your only one of them.

Instrumental: Bm, F#, Am, E, F, Dm, Bm, E7(slow down), Bm,



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