Wahiawa is calling

Island Rhythms

Submitted by: Dino
Ooh  la la la la la, Ooh wah, Ooh la la la la la, Ooh wah

G                       D                                                                                     G
I gotta go to a place where rainbows, that seem to shine after a falling rain
                                              D				           G
Back to a time where the life is easy, where almost everybody knows my name
		            D				     G
When the brothers go out to party, the sisters seem to just come along
	            D            /			
So I strum my ukulele,  everybody come and sing our song

		G	       D
CHORUS:	Wahiawa is calling  ( Ooh la la la la la, E ho’I mai)
		She’s calling me to come back (yeah yeah yeah, E ho’I mai)
		Wahiawa is calling  (Ooh la la la la la, E hoi Mai)
		She’s calling me come back  (yeah yeah)
		G         D                             G
		Cal……ling, Calling me to come back
		G         D		       G
		Cal……ling, Calling me come back

Up the heights the air is freezing, smell the sweet of the chicken farm
Up ahead the water towers, climb the top and touch the stars
Mount Ka’ala in the distance, pineapples everywhere
Take a brisk to Whitmore village, if you’re lost then you are there

Never thought of ever leaving, this place that I call home
Where my friends are like family, so I treat them as my own
So if you’re ever in the country, there’s a place that’s not too far
To escape the great big city, take a trip to Wahiawa

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