Waialua Sky

Waialua  Sky
Composed by Brian Robertshaw-Bonnie Gearheart
Performed by The Krush

[F]In the night, an [C7]island rain,
[F]Brought to mind an [Bb]old familiar [F]scene, 
[Dm]long forgotten [C7sus]now [C7]
[F]Quickly time just [C7]passes by, 
[F]only all too [Bb]soon the [G]years can [C]fly
[G7]Here to find I’ve [C7sus]grown[C7]

And [F]now that I’m [Bb]on my own, [Dm]gone [G7]from my [C]family
I [F]think of all the [C7]simple things [F]like the sound of [Bb]falling rain
Be[F]neath Waia[C7]lua [F]Sky [C7]

[F]Lately now my [C7]thoughts have been
[F]Turning to a [Bb]place where I was [F]born,
with [Dm]memories so [C7sus]warm[C7]
It’s [F]been a while that [C7]I’ve been gone, [F]many things have [Bb]changed
How [G]well I [C]know, that [G7]nothing stays the [C7sus]same[C7]

Though [F]I know I [Bb]must go on, [Dm]too [G7]where my [C]life will lead
[F]Often I will [C7]think of days, [F]when I just would [Bb]laugh and play
Be[F]neath Waia[C7]lua [F]sky

[Bb]Long be[C]fore I [Dm]ever knew, [C]where to go or what to [F]do
[C] had a [Dm7]way of life, I [G]know will always [G7]see me [C7sus]through[C7]

[F]Here and now, [C7]grown a man
[F]learning through my [Bb]heart to under[F]stand
[Dm]What will be my [C7sus]goal[C7]
[F]A quiet night an [C7]island rain [F]takes me to a [Bb]child again
Be[F]neath Waia[C7]lua [F]sky


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