Who is the Lolo that stole my pakalolo

Intro:    A7 D A7 D

                           D                                  E7
HUI		Who is the lolo who stole my pakalolo
                            A7                                    D
I saw it in the yard only yesterday
                                                                             G                    G7
Today when I came home, I found it was gone…..
                           A7                                                  D
Somebody came and took em away	

One day I found some tiny little seeds, I threw em out the windows, “I figgah eh no need”

Six months later, I found to my surprise, There stood 50 bushes, 20 feet high

At first I didn’t know just why they grew so tall, But them Manoa had a lot of rain in the fall you know

A few days later, I look out to find, Instead of 50 bushes, there was 29

The very next morning, there was pounding at my door, I said “eh, go away”, but they only pound some more

I open the door to tell em where to go, a man pulls out a badge and says “hey we from 5-O”

You see bruddah, we have reports, that in this vicinity, that someone is growing da kine pakalolo tree

They went into my yard discovered my hole, instead of 29, there was nothing at all

Id like to thank the lolo who stole my pakalolo, I had it in the yard only yesterday

Its lucky for me the rest is all gone, or the man with the badge would of took me away


Published by Dino

Senior member of ukulele underground almost since startup. Started playing ukulele almost as long after discovering this player named Aldrine playing I'm yours on YouTube. I play mostly island music. I also play music with my neighbor and 2 other friends. I have a temporary name for our group Miliwai'ewa - slow running water of life.

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