You Girl

Straight  up this love is like a blessing from above
Baby girl you know we go together like hand and glove
‘Cause girl I’m always glad to see you
Said this is Shaggy and Ne-Yo

                 A         C#m
I know when it’s you girl, you girl
Sunshine and the flowers, jealous of the power
   A         C#m
Of you girl, you girl
Reason that my heart beats, we hit the bed but no sleep
A         C#m
Ooh girl, ooh girl
Body like a blessing say “Amen” when you undress in front of 
Me, ooh-wee ooh-wee
I would happily call you the better half of me

A      C#m                      F#m
  Good lovin’ wake me up in the morning
Make it right before the lights up
A        C#m                       F#m
  Put on pleasure when her body is calling
I make her face light up
A            C#m                        F#m
  Me get the rating from just how me performing
She know I got the right touch
  And she no stop request me daily
My one and only lady ‘cause lately she know, say
A        C#m                         F#m
  I understand the body language you speakin’
That physical attraction
A            C#m                             F#m
  The little things you do, your temperature peakin’
I’m loving your dimensions
A            C#m                    F#m
  Well put together nah fi be too revealin’
You’ve captured my attention
  ‘Cause girl you got the real thing
That ‘on my bended knee’ thing, my feelings are so sure

[Repeat Chorus]

A                               C#m
  I like the way how things are going
We nah fi force it our love continue growing
            A                                 C#m
Keep it spontaneous ‘cause our thing is never boring
‘Cause every night girl it’s your body I’m exploring
I’m knowing
A                                C#m
  Just what you need to keep you glowin’
Just like a river girl your body’s ever flowin’
I’m genuine in everything that I am showin’
Girl I’ll protect you from the rain my heart is pourin’
I know it

           A                C#m                          F#m
You’ve got terrible days, I know you could find somebody better, yeah
           A               C#m                     F#m
I’m like a charity case, am I deserving of you, no never, no
           A                C#m              F#m
Say by the way you smile at me, tells me that I make you happy
          Bm                      E
And I can ask for nothing more, I adore time we spend together
I knowing it’s

[Repeat Chorus] (2x)

Baby girl
A      C#m                      F#m
  Good lovin’ wake me up in the morning

[Continue chords and fade]


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