Your Favorite Song

Intro  Chords: Bm, C#m, D (high)
Chorus, Verse, Rap Chords: Bm, C#m

Check this out...

Just keep on movin' and groovin' to the music
Just keep your body swaying
We're playing your favorite song
Girl I like it, you love it
I want somemore of it
Your body when you're dancing right in front of me

Take your time, there's no need to rush tonight
Baby just unwind (whoa)
Cuz we've got the night is still young, and I've only just begun
So won't you let the rhythm take control of you
And in your eyes, I can tell what's on your mind
So don't deny the feelings that burn inside
And won't you rock with me
ooh and then we'll see just where this crazy night will lead


Come on pretty lady what ya wanna do
I've got the massive funk to be alone with you
And we can sip the wine till the morning light
And I can kiss those lips, make you feel alright
And if all you want to do is yo be with me 
You can hold all night on the long MC
Stars that shine underneath moonlight
To your favorite song, we can dance all night
(Dance all night 4x fade)


CHORUS: (3x, fade on last)


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